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The Hoverboard is an amazing new way to travel and impress your friends.

This self balancing, single wheel, electric high tech vehicle, is designed to be environmentally friendly with high energy efficiency. Easy to learn, usually taking around an hour to get a feel for it, the Hoverboard is a great present for friends and family.

“This thing is so much fun. It takes about 10 mins practice to get started then it’s easy. It feels really sturdy and goes pretty fast. Everyone is going to have one soon!”

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Black Hoverboard ( MonoRover R2) 

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White Hoverboard (MonoRover R2)

When you follow any of the famous users of either Instagram or YouTube, perhaps, you heard someone saying the term “Hoverboard” and probably seen them rolling over the 2-wheel motorised device. This is not the official term but this primarily pertains to a 2-wheel self-balancing electric scooter – a small vehicle that has been discussed by the media through the previous few months. It’s a sort of a cross between the Hoverboard and a skateboard.
Do you wonder where did this term come from? No one is sure yet as said by Urban Dictionary, this term might come from the YouTube gaming group that is known as “The Sidemen”. They are usually seen on their videos while using this kind of electric scooter. Though this is featured on different videos on YouTube, no one is certain of the right term to use in calling them, as they are definitely not a conventional electric scooter and they are absolutely not the Hoverboard. Some of those names that people make use include the hoverboard, drifting board, 2-wheel self-balancing electric scooter, and mini Hoverboard. Others simply call them by their respective brand name such as Monorover R2, IO Hawk, and a lot more.

In spite of the truth that these products differ when it comes to price from roughly $350 to $1800, many of them are fundamentally similar with just some minor differences in terms of design. You may find some manufacturers but all these units are manufactured in China and most of them actually came from one factory. Today, the Hoverboard is among the most popular gadgets that you can find within the market these days and it was featured on several websites. It seems that everybody who has one wishes to upload and post their video on YouTube or even a photo on Instagram showing themselves together with a few of the famous celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj and a lot more celebrities who are also owning these high-end electric scooters, making them pretty much cool.

Everybody who has it right now is not just cool and famous inside the United States but they gain impression and attention from various people across the world. Is this only a fad or can it be a 2-wheel self balancing electric scooter the personal transportation device to be used by people in the future. Nobody else but just time is the one that can tell.

It is definitely among the technology trends of this present year and these nifty small electric scooters are just likely to obtain better and affordable while time keeps on passing by. When you wish to get one of these items right now, the greatest price that you will find is possibly on Amazon so it is important to look and shop around when you are searching for a Hoverboard. What are you still waiting for? You shop around now and you will be able to get the best product at a good price that you can afford.